Pet 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit

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This 72 hour emergency survival kit will give you the security you need to help your pet make it through the next emergency. This kit is meant to supplement a 24 or 72 Hour Emergency Kit. It has supplies for first aid, water, safety, and much more!  For every emergency kit purchased $10 will go toward a grant program to provide emergency survival K9 kits for public safety K9's.

Contents include:

  • Tactical backpack
  • 8 boxes of Aquablox water (200 milliliters each) - good for up to 5 years
  • Lead: Dog - 6 ft. slip lead, Cat** - escape proof harness with 59" lead
  • Sleeping pad: Dog - 36"x23", Cat - 18.25"x13.25"
  • Stretch bandage (Vet Wrap 2" color varies)
  • Grooming towelettes
  • Styptic powder - 0.5 ounces
  • 2 saline flushes - 5ml each
  • 2 collapsible silicon bowls
  • Poop bag dispenser with carabiner - includes 30 earth friendly bags
  • Large plastic bag for documents such as vaccination records, photos, etc.


**Please specify cat harness size

Items may change manufacturer due to availability.

Kit weighs approximately 11 lbs