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Large Scene Kit

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Everything you need for evidence collection at a large scene in one bag! NEW AND IMPROVED!


Black duffle bag with two front compartments and one compartment on each end, includes lots of extra storage!


Upgrade to our rolling tool box by Stanley:


  • Includes toolbox, parts bin with adjustable dividers, portable tray, and oversized lower bin
  • Tiered cantilever system allows easy access to all four storage areas at the same time
  • Large front latch locks entire unit
  • Extra-large, heavy-duty metal latches with padlock eye
  • Easy-latch system with quick push-to-close feature
  • Ball-bearing slides for smooth operation even under heavy loads
  • Telescopic handle
  • Extra-heavy-duty, rubber-coated 7" wheels
  • Durable structural foam construction
  • Measures approximately 28-7/8" x 21-1/4" x 15-1/4"


Investigation kit contents include:

Scene Tools & Safety:

1 roll of barrier tape – choose “Crime”, “Fire” or "Caution"

2lb bag of casting stone

2 disposable shovels

Lighted magnifying glass with lens cover

Latent fingerprint kit: a fiberglass brush, 0.5 oz. of Bi-chromatic black powder, 10 each of small and large backing cards, and a roll of lifting tape or upgrade to a magnetic kit: magnetic applicator, magnetic Bi-chromatic black powder, 10 each of small and large backing cards, and a roll of lifting tape

Documentation Supplies:

Storage clipboard

1 pad of graph paper

Steno notebook 6” x 9”

1 Rite in the Rain Fire Incident Report

1 Rite in the Rain Fire Investigation Field Report

1 each - pen and mechanical pencil

2 Felt-tip permanent markers

Evidence Containers:

2 Pint Evidence cans

2 Quart Evidence cans

1 Gallon Evidence can

2 - 2oz glass jars

2 each clear evidence boxes 3" x 3"x 1" and 3" x 3" x 3"

2 sharp object containers (1 small and 1 medium)

1 box of evidence tape

1 Snap Blade utility knife

Photography Supplies:

Upgrade to include Hinged Evidence Tents 1-30, or Evidence Tents with Metric Scale 1-50

Photomacrographic scale

6” foldable ruler

100’ steel measuring tape

1 each of orange and yellow photo arrows

Evidence Collection Bags & Labels:

4 Jumbo paper bags

20 each of paper and plastic bags – small, medium, large

1 each of Faraday bags – 6" x 10", 9" x 13", & 14" x 19"

20 evidence envelopes

150 basic evidence labels

150 chain of custody labels

20 combo tags

20 each large and small biohazard

20 zip ties

Shoe Covers with "Police" Imprint

Sterile Items:

10 sterile gauze pads

2 sterile pipettes

5 sterile tweezers

5 pairs of sterile gloves - Due to COVID-19 we are unable to provide sterile gloves and will substitute regular nitrile gloves.