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Faraday Bag

$4.00 - $11.20
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Even though no disposable Faraday bag is 100% secure in blocking all signals, we believe that our Disposable Faraday Bags are among the best items in use today.


  • 6" x 10" (fits most cell phones)
  • 9" x 13" (fits cell phones and most tablets)
  • 14" x 19" (fits larger tablets)
  • 22" x 24" (fits large laptops and iPad Pro)
  • Custom sizes available, please contact us.

Our Disposable Faraday Bags are recommended for applications requiring permanent electrostatic protection.  Silver in color, they are composed of an anti-static metallized PET/Foil/Anti-Static PE blend and are 4.5 mil thick.  They attenuate the intensity of electromagnetic radiation and provide a high level of oxygen and moisture barrier protection.  This material is used extensively in Navy QPL military applications.  

Our bags have an Evidence Information Label affixed to provide an area for recording specifications about the enclosed item.  In addition, there are easy-entry notches on both sides of the bottom of the bag, making the bags simple to open, even when the investigator is wearing gloves.

For proper use of the Disposable Faraday Bags, make 2 distinct downward folds of the bag and seal with your choice of evidence tape.  For an even more secure signal block, some users use a bag-in-a-bag approach to double the thickness of the signal blocking bags to 9 mil.